born April 3, 1997 and died May 5, 1997.
Remembered by Mama and Daddy:
My dear Duncan,
I loved you from the moment I found out I was pregnant.
I loved every time you kicked me and I loved imagining what you would be like.
The first time I saw you in the hospital was so hard. I just wanted to hold you and touch you and you were hooked up to so many machines. So tiny and yet so perfect. You grabbed right onto my finger and just seemed to settle in and be happy holding it. You were not as fiesty as your brother, you seemed calmer and more easygoing. I was amazed at how much personality you had so early. You would look at my face and stare at me, all the while gripping onto my finger.
It was so hard to let you go when the time came, but I know it was the right thing to do. You were a brave and wonderful boy and I will miss you for as long as I live. I am grateful for the time I had with you. I am sad that there wasn't more time, but glad for the opportunity to get know you a little.
You were not long on this earth, but you will live forever in our hearts.


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