born April 3, 1997 and died April 3, 1997.
Remembered by Mama and Daddy:
My dear Kaeli,
I loved you from the moment I knew I was pregnant and loved you even more when I found out you were a little girl. At the ultrasound, they did your two brothers first and I was so happy when they said you were a girl! Your dad thought it meant I didn't want my boys, but I explained that if the scan had shown two girls first, I would have been happy to see the last one be a boy.

You never kicked me as much as your two brothers did but I never forgot you were growing inside me and I thought often of what you would be like as you grew up. Dear Kaeli, I am so sorry that our time together was so short, but never forget that you were greatly cherished every moment and still are. I am grateful for what little time we had. I wish I had seen you while you were still alive, but even in death you were perfect and beautiful.

You were not long on this earth, but you will live forever in our hearts.


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