miscarried triplets on June 29, 1997 (22 wks) and Baby Boy Nov. 1, 1999 (15 wks).
Remembered by Ruth Bonfield - Mommy:
All my life all I wanted was to be a mommy. After 2 years of fertility treatments our dream was finally realized. I was pregnant with triplets. Unfortunately that was very short lived. They were born on June 29,1997 premature due to an incompetent cervix at 22 weeks and could not survive. We did persevere and were pregnant again after several months. I thank God everyday for my beautiful daughter Kristina born 8/1/98 who is now 19 months. Because of our desire for a big family we again tried and became pregnant in 8/99 to our delight it was a little boy. But he too would be taken from us. At 13 weeks I began to bleed heavily. My placenta was separating & after a 2 week hospitalization on Nov. 1,1999 my life was in danger and they had to take my baby with an emergency D&C. I will never forget any of my angels who were only with me for a very short time. I wish everyday that they could have been here to share life with their sister and be a part of our family here on Earth.


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