born September 21, 1999 and died September 22, 1999.
Remembered by Mommy:
Kyra,you entered our lives unexpectantly, but once we learned we wanted you so much. As I prepared for your arrival not knowing you'd be coming prematurely on September 21,1999 and only being with us for a short while. That short time you made an impression on me. I learned how much you were like mommy, a fighter. From then I learned you were and always will be the most important being in my life and I didn't get the opportunity to share and express those feelings with or to you. We shared many exciting moments together but the most exciting was yet to come. I know you were aware of my presence, as you laid in your womb like surroundings and fought for your life, but God won that fight and your with him now and forever. I know that you heard mommy speaking to you, saying I wanted you but God wanted you more. I just want you to know I will always LOVE you and that special place in my heart, that has your name on it, will never be replaced. I love you forever and ever.


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