born December 4, 1999 and died December 4, 1999.
Remembered by Kris and Dessie Jarchow:
I always thought I knew what pain was;
but I never knew loosing someone could hurt so bad.
No one can say they know how it hurts to loose a loved one
until they loose their child.
I carried Christian full term
and I was used to the idea that I was going to be someone’s mommy.
But now my precious little baby has gone to a better place
than any of us are in at this very moment.
If I were able to make one wish;
I would not wish for my child back on this earth;
I would wish that God would give us all the strength and courage
to face the hardest thing and yet the best thing
that will eventually happen to us all "Death".

I ask that my son may be remembered;
and even though I was the only one that really got the chance
to know him.
He was as loved as any child on this earth today now.
Just the way all babies should be loved.
May God bless everyone of us and I pray I can be the Christian
I have to be to see my little Christian again.


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