miscarried 10/02/99.
Remembered by mommy:
I miss you so much. I miss being able to feel you move around and I miss being able to imagine how beautiful that you are going to be. You are my child , for eternity, and I will always think of you, and for at least being blessed with you , even if it was for a short while,I am very thankful. I am filled with a gap or an emptiness where you are supposed to be, and it will always be there , until we meet in our heavenly fathers house. I love you and I can't wait to meet you. I'm sure you know that you have a big sister and that she loves you too. She was looking forward to meeting you and she still is. She knew from the start that there was a baby in her mommies tummy that would always be her sister and she will still always know that she HAS a sister and where her sister is and that you are always watching over her. When she needs some extra help she will call on you to be there as her sister.


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