born July 22, 1988 and died July 23, 1988.
Remembered by Mom and Dad:
The dreams we had for you filled an entire lifetime. When you were still inside of me and I found out you would die after you were born, I wanted my world to end too. I would feel you kick and move inside of me and I cherished each of those moments. God gave me those times to remember you. The doctor said you might be still born or die during birth. You were a tough little girl, you lasted much longer than anyone ever thought. God gave us 28 hours to see you and hold you and carry you through to Heaven. I remember rocking you with a song in my heart only I couldn't sing it out loud because I was crying so much, but I know you heard me. I stood next to you towards the end and told God that it was ok for you to go with Him. Not long after you slipped into Heaven. I knew you were there, we had a tremendous bolt of thunder and I think it was Heaven letting me know you were there and in their care. Someday we will join you there.


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