born June 1,1999 and died May 30,1999.
Remembered by Randy (his Daddy), Lisa (his Mommy), and his big sisters Hannah, Lydia, and Michaelah Burns:
We never would've imagined losing our baby! It was a shock after almost nine months of planning and anticipation. Although we have a great faith that allows us to cling to the promise of seeing our child again,we do grieve. We will be changed forever by this loss, there is no way to avoid it! Why would we want to? For to do so would deny this little mans existence. We were the ones who felt his every move!!! To deny the pain of present suffering would also deny the promise we cling to that says we will see him again. So, until we look into your sweet little face on that day Noah..."You'll be in our hearts, for always." Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you who share in this heartbreak.


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