born September 24, 1999 and died September 24, 1999 and September 27, 1999.
Remembered by Simon and Maylen:
After 2 miscarriages and 5 years of infertility we got pregnant with an ivf procedure. I have a premature delivery at 25 weeks. I had 2 beautiful twins, Alexa and Megan. They died because they were to small to survive by themselves. We love them so much that we did not want doctors to maintain them alive with machines, so we put them in God's hands and he decided to take them . It was very hard to see them leave. They were and always will be my babies and sometimes I can feel them near by us. The time I was pregnant it was the most wonderful experience of my life because I felt them inside me. We love you very very much and we bless you for ever.
Your mommi and daddy, Maylen and Simon.


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