born Dec. 21, 1998 and died Mar. 31, 1999.
Remembered by Steve and Molly:
I saw you first! The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and you looked just like me, imagine that!You were a little early but you came prepared to fight and you showed us all how it was done in 100 days. I can and will never forget you as long as I live. I will always cherish looking into your eyes, kissing the top of your head. On your last day you gazed at me quiet and contentedly as if nothing was wrong for almost an hour while your mommy was still sleeping next to you. I watched you and whispered to you while you arched and lowered your little eyebrows to participate in the conversation. It was then that I knew you saw me! That afternoon we realized we were never going to get the opportunity to apologize to you on this earth as you concluded your lessons for us and left. Your mommy and I miss you very much and hope to see you again very soon! Dad


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