miscarried January 19, 1997.
Remembered by Mam and Dad - Lisa and Tom:
I can't express how much you are loved and missed. That hour I held you for, although in pain and waiting for theatre, the pain disappeared. You were so perfect, so big - a shock to me, although you where only 18 weeks old, you had fingernails, and toe-nails which I will never forget. Your photo stays beside me night and day, a memory I will never forget of your perfect face. May you lie in peace with the other angels in your grave and be assured not a day goes by, that I don't cry. At 21 I was ready to give up my job and life to love you to bits, but now I only have a grave to remember you by and a photo to kiss. I will never stop wondering why, but live with the saying "it was meant to be". When we meet again one day, I will make up for all lost time. In the meantime, Granny Nora and Grandad John will keep my love alive. Maybe someday God will tell me why, he took my Nora and let her die?

My heart goes to each and every parent who has lost an angel - my love and sorrow is with you all. I shed a tear for all your babies when I read your experiences.


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