miscarried January 19, 1997.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy - Lisa and Tom:
At 9.47am you were born, 1lb in weight and 7" long. You were only 18 weeks old, but you were perfect. But God wanted you with him as an angel. They say time will heal what happened, but for now only tablets work for me. Why couldn't you wait till June 25th. People say 'you can have another baby', but I wanted you Nora. I can still feel you kicking, even though you are not there. I am saving all my love up inside, so I can share it with you when we meet someday soon! At 21 I was ready to grow up, become a mother and give all my love to you. To all the angels up above, give my baby all your love.
Deeply and Sadley missed, Love Mam and Dad


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