miscarried June 17, 2000.
Remembered by Mummy and Daddy:
I'd longed to be a Mummy for a long time. And when we found out I was carrying you, we were both overjoyed. Nervous, scared - yes; but also SO excited and happy. A new life, a product of our love, a baby to transform a couple into a family. I was so ready to have you share our lives, that it makes the fact that I'll never know you, hold you, or nurture you, all the more hard to bear. You represented a million hopes and dreams for the future, a new stage in my life that I was approaching with open arms. Would you be a girl or a boy? Tall or short? --A million different questions with a million different variations- and only ONE true certainty -that you would be dearly loved and wanted, whoever you were and whatever you became. I know the pain will lessen, that I won't always burst into tears or feel my heart will break every time I think of you and what we could have - no, should have - shared. But you, and the short time that I carried you, will stay with me until Id Rest in peace, my darling, I hope that you are happy. Love Mummy xxxx


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