born June 17, 2000 and died June 17, 2000.
Remembered by his aunt Raquel:
Sebastian, our precious angel, you weren't here very long but you touched my heart so much. I know you will be my Sophia's guardian angel, and you will guide her through life, holding her hand, and when I look in her eyes I promise to remember you and know that you are there also, looking at all of us. I know you are watching over us, and especially your mommy and daddy, and I ask you, Sebastian, to give them peace and lead them through life always making your presence known to them. Thank You, little angel, for letting me see you inside your mommy's belly when we went for your ultrasound, I feel special knowing I saw you there, I saw you moving, I saw you alive and I know you were happy there, in that safe place. Go with God, sweet little one, and I will see you again...I love you, your Auntie Rock


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