born March 4, 1999 and died May 22, 2000.
Remembered by Moma:
I miss you so much baby boy. You made my life so wonderful. I wish for you to come back to us everyday. We have all of your pictures in your room and we go and sit in there to be with you. I miss hearing you say “Da!“ and “Ball“ and “Ma“. I know you are a little Saint in heaven now and we will be together again.
We lost Reno due to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever--we took him into Doctors over and over--a total of 4 Doctors saw him and missed his diagnosis--and they were told that he had been bit by a tick a week before. Please if you read this remind any and all parents to watch their children for ticks, if they find one remove it with tweezers, put alcohol on the spot and note when they found the tick and preserve the tick in alcohol. We found out too late--our Doctor dismissed our concerns. Any time there is a bite and fever get good medical attention! Our hearts are broken and our child is dead and we don't ever want this to happen to anyone else.
The day before Reno died his baby sister Dottie was born. She will never know her big brother. He was a kind, loving child. He loved his Daddy and imitated him all the time. He gave me the best kisses and I was so proud of him.


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