born July 18, 1999 and died July 31, 1999.
Remembered by Aunt Donna and Family:
Dear Rosemarie, We only had you for a short period of time but Rosemarie you are truly missed and loved. You showed so much courage and strength in your tiny short life. It was unfair of us to continue seeing you struggling. God was ready to heal you and take you with him. We try to understand but we can't. Your Mommy suffers so much without you. We longed for you our precious little girl for so many years. You are the perfect icing on the cake of all these beautiful nephews I am blessed with. Grandma & Grandpa love all six of their grandsons but they will forever miss their one and only tiny little girl, Rose. Rose you will always be the little girl I always wanted to complete this family. We all love you very very much... Titi Donna


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