born May 24, 2000 and died June 2, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, and all those who's hearts you touched ever so lightly:
I would just like to say “I Love You Son“, I would sit beside you all hours of the day and night and Thank God for the time I was getting. You were so small only 1lb. 2.8 oz. But still ever so precious. My sweet precious. It was so hard to see your little helpless body to so many machines. Your Daddy Loves you too. Everyone was so looking forward to meeting you. But, the Lord had other plans because you are with him and your sister now. I will see you one day my sweets. Mommy loves you! More than words could ever say. My eyes will never let me forget and the touch of your little hand around my finger mommy never forgets. You soul always with me wherever I go. For, my arms will never forget what it was like to hold you my first, but my last. You dying in my arms. Thank you so much for holding on until I got there. I Love you my sweet precious Joseph and I always will. LOVE, Mom


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