born June 19,2000 and died June 17 or 18, 2000.
Remembered by his parents Kathy Wilson and Andy Bush:
I Miss my son so very much, and I pray and talk to him every night. But its just not the same. Our son was stillborn June 19,2000 I was 36 weeks and 5 days, I only had 3 weeks and 2 days till my due date. It was Fathers day that we found our son was dead and that, even though it is suppose to be a Happy one will be the a hard day for us for the rest of our lifes knowing that our son died early that morning or the night before. I am very sorry for all that have lost a child. It is a very hard thing. And I know that it hurts very much. Its been 6 weeks and I still can not believe that Zachary is dead it is like this is all just a terrible nightmare that I can not wake up from and I'm still hurting and crying and praying that this is all just a nightmare. I miss my child very much! Love, Kathy.
You are all in my prayers


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