born October 2, 1992 and died October 4, 1992.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, new sisters Emily, Amber and brothers Eric, Ryan:
Marty you were perfect, except for the your little heart, which had a defect called transposition of the great vessel. Even though you were with us for such a short while, you left a huge hole in our hearts when you went to be with God in heaven. We still miss you terribly and always will. We love you so much!!
Good-bye our precious little boy
How it hurts to let you go
You never once offended God with sin
Your safe with him we know
We cry our selfish tears for you
Our loss is hard to bare
But your happy and protected now
In our Lords tender care
Marty although your out of reach
Your close within our hearts
Memories of you are full of love
From them we will never part
Your hurt and pains are over now
Your short life with us has past
You struggled and suffered for awhile
But your safe in heaven at last
Pray for us dear Marty
That some day we may see
How joyful and rewarding
Life with you and God can be.
If there is anyone out there who has lost a baby with this condition please e-mail me at My name is Tammy


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