born May 5, 1983 and died June 31, 1983.
Remembered by your sister:
I never really knew you. In a literal sense, you were the brother I never had. I've seen pictures and I've heard stories and I've seen videos. I feel I know you, that I can confide in you and that you are like a live big brother to me. I feel you watch over me and protect me from any harm. I regret that I have never met you. I know that we will meet someday; in heaven. But it will feel like we have never been apart. I talk to you sometimes, as though you really are here. I trust you with my problems and you always help me through. I know Mom and Dad miss you very much. Dad especially, his only little boy. Sometimes I hear Mommy crying when there's no apparent reason. We all miss you, though you're not too openly talked about, our older sisters and I talk about you sometimes... We love you like you've never left... and I know one day we'll be reacquainted. And I know you’re happy in heaven... Love- Your sister


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