born 28th May 1999 and died 4th June 1999.
Remembered by Mum, Dad, Sister Jacinta, Brother Bradley and twin brother Travis:
In the thoughts of his grandparents And Aunties and Uncles.

The hurt is not any easier
Than it was when you went away
But my thoughts are with you
Today and every other day

Travis is a reminder
Of how you'd look to us
He is a beautiful baby
And he doesn't cause a fuss

I wish that I could see you
For just a little while
To see you play with your twin
And see you laugh and smile

So please remember Ryan
That you mean everything to me
And one day we'll meet in heaven
That's the way I want it to be.

Ryan was born as an Identical twin 13 weeks early due to twin to twin transfusion syndrome. He only lived for 6 days as he had severe anemia and his heart was not developed fully. He is the missing link to our family chain and one chain that chain will be completed in heaven.


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