miscarried 8-8-00 and 8-18-00.
Remembered by Lachelle Wood and Reymund Bell:
As we held the both of you in our arms... Daelyn was gone, but, Reymund still had movement. Only 19wks old, there was nothing they could do. All the pain, IVs,needles, my body could no longer hold on, but, my mind wanted to keep going. Only 18yrs old,I tried. The hardest part was leaving the hospital empty handed. All I do is cry, so does Reymund.It is hard to move on. I know that they are watching over me and will help us get through this hard time. I will never forget them. they meant the world to me, and now they are gone. I know it wasn't my fault, but at least they're in heaven. I stopped going to school and work to dedicate my life to them, I ate right and I just want to know what went wrong!Reymund and I are getting married in April, I love him for stayng in the hospital with me every night through everything. I love my mom for also being there for me. Sometimes I wish I was further along so I could have saved their lives. Hopefully, i can have children again. I never In Loving Memory Always Daelyn and Reymund...Every hour I cry for you, you will be with me always. I love you and Rey loves you. Well miss you. Your Mother Lachelle.


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