born July 26, 2000 and died July 26, 2000.
Remembered by Stacy Credille, Christian's mother:
As Christian's mother I would like to remember my precious son Christian Keith Credille who was stillborn at 38 weeks. This was so unexpected for us to come to realize because my pregnancy had been fine up until the delivery. His heart rate stopped abruptly. He never cried. He never experienced pain or suffering. All that he ever knew during the 9 months of his life was love. We would have loved him and taken wonderful care of our little boy. But we know that he is so much better in Heaven. Despite what we wanted for him on this earth, God had other plans for his life. It is something more special than what we could ever provide here. His life in Heaven is so much better than what we could ever comprehend. We look forward to holding him again someday. We will love him always.


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