stillborn March 20, 1989.
Remembered by Mommy:
I spent so little time with you. My only experience of feeling your life, is when you kicked within me. I saw you for such a brief moment. Your sweet little face, so much at peace. The softness of your sweet little cheeks. The white blankets all around you. You looked like an angel. In fact, you are an angel. A special angel,and you will always be special in my heart. When you left,you took a special part with you. Your daddy is there now with you. I am glad you have him to watch over you, and give you love from himself as well as from me. You have a sister who loves you dearly and is so sad that she never got to meet her older brother. She always includes you in her prayers. I hope you hear her, and I hope you hear me too. I Love you dearly my SON!


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