born March 2, 2000 and died February 28, 2000.
Remembered by Your Loving Daddy, Your Loving Mommy, and your older brother Nathan, who wanted very badly to meet y:
Darling Samantha, our little ANGEL! How we miss you and love you. How much you have taught us. We wish that you were here with us. We very much look forward to the day when we can hold you in our arms again. And look at your sweet little face. And hear you cry, and hear you coo. Please wake up from your sleep soon. You will not be forgotten, nor replaced. We love you Samantha Kimberley Renelle oh-so-much. Please know that you were loved. You are our beautiful ANGEL. We will see you very soon when Jehovah decides that it is time. We love you forever and are waiting for you to return to us. Nathan, your older brother loves you also and is waiting for you.


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