born October 26, 1999 and died February 24, 2000.
Remembered by Jennifer Jeters(chandlors mommy) Matao Jeters(chandlors brother) Debra Stack(chandlors grandma):
If we could have a lifetime wish. A dream that would come true. We'd pray to god with all my hearts. For yesterday and you. A thousand words can't bring you back. We know because we've tried Neither will a thousand tears. We know because we've cried. You left behind our broken hearts. And happy memories too. But we never wanted memories. We only wanted you..... My dearset Chandlor, My heart aches for you every second of the day. Words do not begin to describe the pain I've felt since you left us that morning. What I wouldn't give just to hold you once more. I hold you in my heart and mind now. I won't ever let go of you untill the day I hold your soul in my arms again. I await that day impatiently. Untill then my heart is with you always. I miss you you so much and love you even more. Untill then, sweet dreams my Chanors' Love, Mommy


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