stillborn 4/5 1999, 5/8 1993 and 9/7 1990.
Remembered by Mum (Ally) ,dad (Robin) and sister Phillipha Alexandrine:
In loving memory our three little angels. We would like to thank “a place to remember“ for this fine salute to the babies who have died. We think it's a great idea, and have with great intrest read the heartbreaking memory letters. Here is ours: In 1990, everything looked wonderful, everything was perfect. We were new married and expecting our first child. We found out in India, so we decided to call the baby India if it was a girl. It was. India Gabrielle was stillborn, and the dream of a family didn't came true. You were a perfect baby, but dead. And it was my body's fould. Somthing was wrong, but we hoped a doctor could fix it.You would have been 10 years old today. The doctor didn't fix the problem. Your sister Sophy Katharina were stillborn three years after. We hoped so much. We were shure that a disaster like that would never happen twise. But again, my body killed. Baby Sophy. You were so diffrent, so much smaller, so ruined. You had been dead for some time when you were born. But we ignored it, hoping it would be fine. I'm sorry Sophy. Now nothing could go wrong we thouged...But it could. When I became finally became pregnant with your littlebrother Agusthin Jeremaiah we were pleased, but scared. And it went wrong again. Austin, as we call him, were born, lived for one minute, and died in my arms. But at least he was alive. He saw us. Now your littlesister Philla are starting to smile. We are going to keep her, but we have lost a lot. India, Sophy and Austin, our faith in the medical industi and our fath in God and Jesus. But she was all werth it. She looks exactly like India. Pretty, light and with scarlett hair. Goodbye our love


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