born 24 September 2000 and died 24 September 2000.
Remembered by Mummy, Daddy, Michael and Olivia:
Written in hospital 3 days after you died: My beautiful son, this is my love letter to you; a letter you will never read. Three days ago you took your last breath in my arms. You tried so hard to stay alive my darling, but your little body just gave up. I am so stricken with grief and I don't know how I will live another day without you. You were so beautiful my darling - just like your father, who also loves and misses you. You had your father's eyes, nose and mouth, and little bushy blonde eyebrows. My chin, my ears, and 6 fingers on each hand - a legacy from both sides of the family. We baptised you the same day, and it seemed as though your little spirit stayed with us long enough to meet your family, before it flew up to heaven and the safety of our Saviour's arms. It may be years before we meet again in heaven but you will be in my thoughts and my heart every moment of every day until I get to hold you in my arms again. I love you Benjamin Isaac Koopmans. Your grieving mother xxx


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