Remembered by Your Mommy:
At 10 weeks I heard your heart beating so strong, so sweet was that sound to me. At 13 weeks God decided that he needed another little angel in Heaven, my angel, my unborn child. I saw you on the ultrasound which confirmed what had happened. You looked perfect to me and my still active placenta was causing your arm and little hand to move up and down, at least that is what they said was happening, but I know that you were waving goodbye to your mommy and daddy. On September 10, 1990 they removed you from my body but not from my heart. As another christmas approaches I wonder what it would be like to have you here with me...What would you be asking Santa for this year? Then again you would be almost 10 years old and probably saying “oh come on Mom is there really a santa claus?“ I would smile and say “of course there is“ and make sure that our christmas tree was filled underneath with as many of the things that you asked for as I possibly could because I know that you would be a great kid and would deserve the best that I could give you. But all that I can give you now is this memorium from my heart and my remembrance of you always.


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