miscarried Christmas Day, 2000.
Remembered by Mommy & Daddy:
You came into our life quite by surprise. We got to see you when you were just 6 weeks old, your little heart just beating away on the u/s image. It took my breath away, I was once again in awe of one of God's greatest gifts. We only got to know you for a short time after that moment, but yet in that time we loved you, talked to you, made plans, envisioned so many hopes & dreams for you. We were thrilled by your presence! On the day that the Lord gave the world His only Son, He took you to be with Him. Even tho we never got to hold you, or touch your soft skin or smell your sweet baby's breath, you left a hole in our hearts. That's all we have to show for you, an u/s picture & a broken heart. We want you to know that we love you & miss you dearly & we are loooking forward to the day that we can hold you & your 2 other angel siblings & you can meet your 3 earthly sisters. Until that time, we consider ourselves blessed to have our very own Christmas Angel.


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