died DECEMBER 10,1986.
Today is your Birthay and like many more, I will always love you even more than before. I can't buy you clothes or buy you new toys, I can't give to you anymore new joys. I can't hold your hand and say I love you, or tell you why the sky is so blue. You are not here with us anymore, for you have went thru that other door. When God took you from us and chose you for him, I thought my world would come to an end. It almost did and I felt incomplete, then God gave to us some tiny new feet. When I hear his pitter patter, I think of you always and I know that life matters. I can't hold you in my arms and give you hugs and kisses, I can only hold the memories of the days that I've been missing. I can hold the memory of how you called my name and how we played those baby games. I can still hear your laughter although it's many years after. I will meet you at this very spot, whenever I want to be with you in thought. Today is your Birthday and now you are nine, I think of how much time has passed since you were mine. I think of you often, almost everyday, I will love you forever, Forever and always.


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