miscarried october 3, 2000.
Remembered by Heather A. and Michael W. Huestis:
I waited and waited for my ultrasound to see the first pictures of life growing inside of my womb, impatience was never for me. I went into the hospital walking with importance, and left with nothing but sorrow. It didn't look good. There was no heartbeat. I miscarried two weeks later...sitting in the emergency room, bleeding horrifically, sitting on the toilet to hear the plops of clots, maybe my baby passing through my body, unable to care for itself anymore, just leaving without letting its loving parents say goodbye, just the rememberance of contractions that I shouldn't be having. To all who share this same experience should all remember that we made something beautiful, something unique, something that although can't be replaced, can be grown again from the uniting of two bodies that love and care for eachother, who will risk their lives to have someone to claim our masterpiece one day. To all the babies in heaven, we love you, and will care for you some day when our time, like theirs, is and was up. Michael and Heather Huestis.


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