stillborn 10 February 2001.
Remembered by Mummy, Daddy, Laura, Emily and Felicity:
To my sweet baby Maddison. I never dreamed this would happen and you would be taken so early. Every day I think about you and know you are safe in Heaven. But I want you here with me and Daddy and your 3 sisters where we would love you and hold you and play with you. I miss you so much darling - we all do. Life keeps moving on and I think about all the things you're not sharing in and it makes me so sad. I really did want you in our family. We have a big hole where you should have been. I wish I could reach out and touch your face and see you grow up. Never ever will I forget you - you are in my heart precious little one. Mummy loves you heaps and heaps, lots and lots, much and much and with all my heart. I can't wait until I get to heaven - we've got lots of catching up to do Maddison. Lots of kisses & cuddles - Mummy, Daddy, Laura, Emily & Felicity.


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