stillborn 2/27/01.
Remembered by Your mommy,daddy,Kiera and John Jr.:
Rest in Peace my little son, your life was over before it begun. You were with me for not much time, five short months that you were mine. Then one day you had to go, the reason why we'll never know. The night you were born,I knew in my heart, you will always be with me though were apart. You were so tiny but perfect to me, little fingers and toes, peaceful as can be. I held you in my arms, I didn't want to let go here's a few things i want you to know.... When you left you took a part of me, Something that no one can see. You have my heart with you always, Even on the cloudiest days. Your brother and sister love you too Even though they never saw you. When you felt mommy and daddy give you that kiss..... YOUR FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS........ MICHAEL GREGORY BLISS !!!!!!!


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