born June 2, 1998 and died June 2, 1998.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother A.J.:
Our precious second son. We had waited so long for you, and in an instant you were gone, taking with you a lifetime of hopes and dreams we had for you. I'll never forget June 1st. We went to our scheduled 20 week sonogram appointment. We had planned on finding out if you were our son, or our daughter. We had never expected to find out that your precious little heart had stopped beating three weeks prior to that day. It was probably around Mommy's birthday. You were born so perfect. 10 fingers, 10 toes. Everything in the right place. Everything except for a heart that worked. But that little heart opened so many doors within our family that we didn't know existed. Your 3 year old brother didn't think anything odd about your picture, even though you were not completely formed yet. All he said was "He looks like Daddy!", with a big grin. He was so proud of his little brother, but has yet to understand why you're not here to play with. He can't go to bed at night without kissing your picture goodnight. His favorite stuffed animal, Tigger, has to kiss you as well. When it rains, he tells me that you made the rain, because you knew that he wanted to jump in the puddles. You live on in our hearts FOREVER! We will never let anybody forget you. Your spirit lives on! We miss you so incredibly much! You'll always be our precious Lil' Angel. Forever Love, Mommy


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