miscarried March 22, 2001.
Remembered by Daddy and Mommy:
Within the last year and a half Lori and I had the misfortune of two miscarrages.6 months after the last,Lori was pregnant again and we felt really good about this one.Lori's doctors visits were going fine until the 13 week when the doctor could not find the heart beat he ordered an ultrasound.Which confirm that we lost another baby.The first 2 were a blighted ovrum and the second a early miscarrage what pained us so much about this one was we saw the heart flicker and the movement of the baby.There was a life inside growing and now GONE.The support has been great.The pain will always remain.And so this is dedicated to our baby.That you will never be forgotten and we will meet again in heaven.WE LOVE AND MISS YOU


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