stillborn Sept. 99.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, brother, Trey , and family:
Consuela, You will always be my beautiful little baby angel girl... I am sorry for having to go along with the abortion but baby girl, mommy didn't want you having to die a slow and painful death. I know you are up in heaven with your Uncles Shawn and John, Aunt Donna, and great uncle Kenny. And I know everyone is watching over you. I love you baby girl. You will always be in my heart and on my mind.I'm sending you all my love as I close. Love you forever and eternity, Mommy To everyone, At the age of 16, I was pregnant with my second baby but this time a girl. She was dying a slow and painful death so I chose to end her pain by taking her life. Consuela is a very special little girl. Her daddy, Danny, would have been so proud of his baby girl and I know her brother Trey would have loved her. Please, pray for my little girl and send her your love. Tiffany Joy Paxton Hernandez


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