miscarried April 1979.
Remembered by Your Baby Sister, Lianna Rae:
I was 15 when I found out mom miscarried shortly before she concieved me. I resented her for not telling me that that *older brother I always wished for* was in Heaven. For awhile I moped and wondered how much better off we would have been if YOU had been there to protect mom from dad's abuse, instead of myself. Dad still hurts mom, and our younger brothers, Billy 17 and Ben 11 now have to deal with dad's ignorance. I am 20 now, happily married and you have a niece. I may have been younger then I am now, but I would have loved for you to physically met and held Gabrielle your niece. When I dreampt and you *came* to me in my dream telling me all would be OK, you told me your name was Jason, which mom never said to me but admitted to after I told her... I guess you are with me in a way. Your brother in law, my husband, is Scott Jason *25*, and you were right... someone did save me from all of my pain. :) Thank you Big Brother, tho I've not known you on Earth, I look forward to holding you when we meet at the pearly Gates :). I love you *smile*


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