born September 1, 1995 and died May 2, 1998.
Remembered by Mary Kay DuFresne- mommy:
MacKenzie, Sweet little girl, I miss you so much. It has been so long since I've seen you, touched you, held you. I miss so much about you. I miss your sweet little face. I miss polishing your nails. I miss your precious little voice calling me mommy. I miss putting you in your car seat. I miss giving you a bath. I miss playing with you. I miss trying to steal your blanket while you were sleeping so I could wash it. I miss your kisses. I miss you more than I could possibly explain. Please know that I miss you every minute of every day. You are forever in my heart, you're always with me. Please keep a special watch over your brother and sister. They miss their little sister. They'll always remember and love you, Kenzie. Kenzie- You've always been our precious angel, now you have your wings. You'll live forever in our hearts, soon in our arms again. We all love and miss you! One day you'll be in my arms again. I can't wait little girl!! I love you Kenzie. Mommy


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