died about 8 weeks in mommy's belly, took from mommy's belly at 11 weeks.
Remembered by mommy and daddy:
Today I go to have you taken from my belly. Even though you went to be with Jesus and our grandparents a few weeks ago, I still loved the feeling of you being inside of me. Being your mommy is the proudest I have ever been and no one can take that from me. I hope I gave you comfort while you were with me. Your daddy and I will think of you everyday and pray that we will be with you someday. Even though I didn't get to see your beautiful face or hold you in my arms I know how special you are and hopefully I can see you in my dreams and hold you and let you know how much you were loved. You have given us the best 3 months of our lives. Please know how much we wanted you to be with us and even though we won't get to raise you as our own I know we have made a beautiful angel for heaven. Love you so much baby! Mommy and Daddy


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