born March 11, 2001 and died March 11, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Aria, Mariah, Joshua, Matthew, and Judah:
Jacob “the supplanter“ Daniel “the Lord is my judge“ JACOB DANIEL and JOSIAH RICHARD were twin boys born together Sunday, March 11th and left that same day to be with Jesus, our Lord! -------------- Two precious boys I hardly knew.// Only twenty two weeks you knew me too.// We were together from the start.// So short our time before we were to part!// I remember all those sleepless nights// As I tossed and turned to lay just right.// You loved to kick and move all night long.// We never knew there was anything wrong!// Our nights together were so dear.// I dreamt of you both just being here.// A bond so strong between a mother and son.// A lasting love that's understood by only ONE!// As I heard your heartbeat that first time// I knew in my heart you were all mine.// Then on the ultrasound I say you two// and my love grew even stronger at the sight of you!// To leave so soon breaks my heart.// The loneliness of being so far apart.// So special was our time we had// and even more to have shared it with your dad!// Yes, twenty two weeks was too soon for you to go.// You are now with Jesus, Our Lord, this I know.// An eternity together is our promise too// and in that moment we will FOREVER know you!//MOMMY & DADDY WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!


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