born March 11, 2001 and died March 11, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy, Aria, Mariah, Joshua, Matthew and Judah:
Josiah “the Lord supports“ Richard “powerful ruler“ JOSIAH RICHARD and JACOB DANIEL were twin boys born on Sunday, March 11th and left that same day to be with Jesus, our Lord!!-------------- The joy we had as we found out. //We heard a heartbeat there was no doubt. // As days went by you began to grow. // A secret you held we did not know. // After an ultrasound we soon knew. // You were more than one you were two. // How happy we were to share our joy. // We told everyone we were having boys! // The kicks you gave me were so strong. // In an instant, how could everything go so wrong? // You came too soon, you were too small. // The Lord above had given you a call. // I held you both as I said “goodbye“. // You took your last breaths as I began to cry. // I kissed your cheeks and stroked your faces. // Oh, how I wished I could trade places! // I hoped it was all a very bad dream // but when reality set in I wanted to scream. // I am thankful for that one last touch // and our time we shared meant so much. // It is very hard to have to say goodbye // when I really don't even understand “Why?“ // I know you're with the Father above // and with this poem I send all of my love! --- MOMMY & DADDY WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! ---


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