stillborn December 11, 2000.
Remembered by Daddy, Mommy and your big brother Jake:
We wanted to teach you all the things a little girl should know All about the little boys and how the flowers grow We wanted to show you the stars, all the constellations in the sky We wanted to hold you in our arms cradling your baby sigh Beautiful baby we can't see you. Haylee, where did you go? Are you talking with the angels, playing in clouds as white as snow? We wanted you to know your brother and play together in the sun How can we explain to him your life is over before it's begun He sometimes asks the question but he's yet to young to understand Where you went and why you're gone and why you'll never hold his hand. It seems you were conceived to pass away, This was Great Spirit's plan. You were too great to be with us, This we have started to understand. You were too perfect for us here yet perfect enough for heaven. The time we got to share...those months, we'll never forget those seven How do you tell broken-hearted parents they'll never hear their daughter's cry. Knowing the first thing that they'll ask, is plainly and simply, Why? Twenty minutes earlier I had seen her heartbeat. The doctor said “The baby's in trouble“ “I will drive her to the hospital myself, we have to get there on the double“ I'll never forget the nurse's face; She tried so hard to be strong. The doctor had delivered Haylee - emergency c-section. Something terrible had gone wrong. One thing we do thank Great Spirit for is letting us see her face. Those feet, those hands, that hair, that nose, all perfectly in its place. Her tiny little lifeless body we held so close to ours Whispering in her ear with love, wanting those minutes to turn into hours. She's gone to meet our ancestors, the spirits waiting up above. They'll give her everything she needs, including all of our love. This does not mean we'll forget her now. We promised her we won't. Promise that you won't forget us, just please our baby girl, don't. Our precious little Haylee, Our angel up above. She'll always be that perfect one, The angel that we love.


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