born 07/12/2000 and died 18/04/2001.
Remembered by DADDY & MOMMY:
From the day you were born, you were special. Although you were diagnosed with Down Syndrome, you were everything and more we dreamed of. Later when we found out you had to have open heart surgery, we were concerned but it had to be done. The memory of the day I put you on the operating table will always remain with me because that was the last time I saw your beautiful blue eyes open. To others who read this, I will not be able to describe the beautiful memories I have of my daughter. She was the most peaceful, contented, joyfull child. Yes, to you it might sound strange that a four month old baby can portray these characteristics, BUT SHE DID. I console myself in the fact that God knows best and that I will meet her again one day. Megan, to mommy and daddy you will always be our Angel.


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