stillborn July 19, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy, Daddy and your older sisters Amanda and Kristina:
It has been almost a year and my heart is still broken. I carried you 38 weeks and expected to bring you home from the hospital. Instead, Daddy and I came home to two waiting sisters and a beautifully decotated pink nursery. It took me about six months to clean out your room. We miss you. You are in my thoughts daily. We are still searching for closure and a reason of why you were given to us to love and then taken away from us without you ever getting to feel a hug or a warm embrase. You never got to feel our kisses. You were beautiful! You were perfect!! How could that have not been meant to happen? I would have given anything to hear you cry, or see you open up your eyes for me!! I carry you in my heart instead of in my arms. you come with me everywhere!! Until we are meant to be together...Know that we love you!! --mommy--


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