stillborn September 13, 1979.
Remembered by Daddy and Mommy (Pedro & Estella Garcia) Many Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and Brother Samuel and S:
Naomi was our first child and was expected by a whole church community. You see My wife Estella and I were both over 30 when we got married neither of us had been married before. We planned our baby who was due on September 26, 1979 one year and one month to the day of our wedding (Aug 26,1978). We had moved into a larger home and had the nursery all ready and God wanted our beautiful little baby. She was perfect even seemed to be wearing lipstick when she was born. Long fingers like her mothers and Black wavy hair. Just too perfect to be in this world. It was very devastating to us and our whole church community also took the loss very hard. Two months later my brother and his wife had twin girls beautiful girls, we became their Godparents Monica and Jessica, and my sister gave birth the same month also to a beautiful girl Ariane. (Nov '79) We were blessed with a Son Samuel Joseph Garcia on August 22, 1981, and were blessed with a Daughter born out of our hearts (adopted) on February 20, 1983. They have grown to be wonderful young adults now both attending college at NMSU. For the last almost 22 years we have in memory of Naomi contributed to the All Faith Receiving Home and home for battered and abused children. We know that Naomi played a big part in how we raised our children and with the help of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Both excelled in school and are continuing to be good citizens of this world and prepared to go to our heavenly home to unite once again with Naomi who awaits our reunion with the Father. Keep the faith always never forget your loved one but also never forget the one who gave his life of us, JESUS.


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