born 7-11-2001 and died 7-17-2001.
Remembered by Jeremy and Nikki:
Dear Emily, We had only a glance of you in a photo your Daddy brought back home from your unexpected very early birth. We love you even though we never had a chance to meet. We will never forget you, seeing your tiny hands and tiny feet. We will never lose the memory of seeing your beautiful face and blonde hair. We know you are not in pain anymore. God has other plans for such a angelic baby. You are our Guardian Angel. We know you are watching over your Mommy and Daddy. They loved you from the start and they will never stop loving you. Please make them stronger, please let them understand why this had to happen to you. We want to understand, so maybe they can explain your short life to us. Emily Ann, you will always hold a place in our hearts. It has only been a week since you passed. We want you to know we did pray for you and we know you held on, we know you did not want to be in pain anymore. We want you to know we love and we will miss you so much. God bless you sweetheart. We will always be here for you. We love you!!! and we will never stop. Hugs, hopes, kisses and prayers, our love always and forever, Uncle Jer and Nikki The Serenity Prayer, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can: and the wisdom to know the difference.


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