stillborn March 10, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
Baby Hannah, no words can express how much I love you and miss you. Daddy and I wish that you could be with us every minute of every day. I send you hugs and kisses every night in my prayers, and ask God to hold you tight because I can not. I can see your face when I think of you, your pouty baby lips, your perfect button nose, and your eyes closed in peaceful sleep. Your perfect little hands, with perfect little fingers. Tiny baby feet with your daddy's slightly curled under pinky toes. You are perfect in every way. I am glad that I was able to hold you, and I miss you in my arms. Please watch over Daddy and me from heaven, and know how much we love you. Till we meet again, you will be forever in my heart. I love you baby, Mommy


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