born July 16, 2001 and died July 16, 2001.
Remembered by Lori & Mark, your mom & dad:
The day I found out you’d been conceived I instantly began to pray That God would send you an angel to guard over you every day. Little did I know at that moment, what God had intended to do It was in his big plan to make a very special angel out of you. Each day you were with me, your dad and I were completely filled with joy We planned and shopped for you and wondered if you were a girl or a boy. I loved you so deeply, even when you made me ill And the day we heard your heartbeat, ours definitely stood still. The greatest touch I’d ever felt were your little feet kicking inside And my belly growing was something I certainly didn’t want to hide. We saw your precious body on the screen and learned we were having a son We then learned of your fate and that God’s will would soon be done Our hearts were broken but we knew that you needed to move to a better place above. Our lives and hearts would forever be touched by you and you would always have our love You so quietly went to sleep inside me and slipped into the world in a rare miraculous way The doctors had never seen anyone be born so perfectly until this very day He said in ancient times, it was believed the gods were born “en calle” too And we knew this was God’s way of telling us he made a very special you. We held your sweet body for hours and were in awe of your perfectness right down to your bones And we said this is God’s very special angel, Alex Michael Jones


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