born March 27,2001 and died March 27, 2001.
Remembered by Mommy and Daddy:
I just couldn't believe it It was a shock to my eyes Knowing we had finally conceived you Was such a pleasant suprise We couldn't wait to tell everyone But your Nana was away So your Daddy and me waited For a very special day It was Christmas Eve With all the family around After we shared our news Happiness was abound Kathryn and Kristen asked A girl or a boy? But to us it didn't matter Either way, you brought us joy We loved you already Though we did not meet And when we saw the ultrasound We loved your tiny, little feet You wiggled and tumbled All over the screen You looked like our little Mexican Jumping Bean Soon came the news Of what God had in store The pain was so bad How could we ever endure? God wanted your soul To return to his care Didn't He know You were the answer to our prayer? Back to God Is where you were sent Now dreaming of you Is how our days are spent Maybe it wasn't our time Or not even our turn But we pray to God Your soul He'll return For you are so loved Even though you're not here We never even had the chance to whisper “We love you“ in that cute, little ear There are two little stars Shining brightly at night And we wish and we pray With all of our might That God has made you A little angel in the sky And may He continue to strengthen us So that we'll never, ever ask why


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